Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Pathology Review by Dr. Simhasan S. P.

Key features of Pathology Notes:   

  • Point-wise syllabus: Useful for rapid revision during peak hours. 
  • Highlighting points are underlined/ bolded: Helpful to answer MCQ’s. 
  • Questions expected: Are given at the beginning of each chapter 
  • MCQ’s at the end of each chapter: Helpful for self assessment 
  • Practical Pathology: Classical gross and microscopy pictures are given 
  • Covered Recent advances in Pathology
  •  Included Clinical Pathology and blood banking 
  •  The language is simple and lucid which makes the book student friendly. 
  • An essential guide for preclinical students to prepare for examinations, to candidates preparing for postgraduate entrance examination, to teaching faculty to prepare power-points and also to paramedical students.  

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